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Evetty Satterfield has an undergraduate degree in special education from Alabama A&M and a master’s in social work from Washington University (in St. Louis), and work experience that includes teaching special ed in Alabama, social work in Chicago and retooling the academic program at an American-based college prep school in Abu Dhabi. She travels the state as manager of school partnerships for a national organization called Academic Approach.

“We work with schools and principals and school leaders to help them identify the skills students are lacking,” she said. “We focus on removing barriers (to admission to a four-year college), because we know that a four-year college gives students the best chance to prepare themselves to ‘play’ with the big dogs. They hired me at the end of September, and I like it a lot. I like that it’s teacher-focused.”

She grew up in suburban Atlanta, but spent summers and holidays in Knoxville with her maternal grandparents, Evelyn and John Fortson, who owned Klean Rite Janitorial Service headquartered in Burlington near Chilhowee Park and operated an eatery when the fair came to town. Her first name – Evetty– is a mash-up of her two grandmothers’ names – Evelyn and Betty. Satterfield’s father, Hurley Satterfield, died when she was young, and her mother, Joslyn Johnson, moved the family back to Knoxville, where Satterfield enrolled in Austin-East High School, where she would graduate in 2006.  _Betty Bean, Columnist 

Source: Knox Today.

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